Water Purification Technologies

The world is suffering with the shortage of the pure water and there is a saying that the third world war will be fought for the water. The resources are getting polluted day by day and there is no natural resource to get pure and drinkable water. There have been various technologies being used by people to get purified water from the impure water resources.

Below, a detailed description of every technology is given which were used for water purification process.

Chlorine Method

This is the very old technology and is now obsolete. In this method, chlorine gas is passed into the impure water which cleans the water from germs and viruses etc. This method is not used in conventional water purifiers as the chlorine gas is not hygienic for health.

Ion Exchange Technology

A technology used for water purification which is still in use. This is often regarded as water softening process. This technology provided highly effective solution for the impurities and was responsible for the pipe scaling and. This process also removes heavy metals such as mercury, iron, lead, cadmium etc.

Activated Carbon Towers

Activated carbon towers give charcoal filtration i.e. carbon filtration. The carbon filtration utilizes processes known as absorption which is a particularly much effective technique for removal of chlorine elements. Harmful chemicals like pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and other contaminant (volatile organic elements) elements are also removed by this process.

Ultraviolet Lights

In this process water passes through a chamber of UV light source. This UV source works as a sterilizing agent. This powerful UV light source is able to destroy any bacterial, microbiological, viruses etc at this wavelength. Thus it eliminates any possibility of the bacterial reproduction. The living harmful organism die and are captured for removal during post-filtering. In water purifiers, this water is pre-filtered before entry to RO purification process.

RO Technology

The RO technology is abbreviation of the Reverse osmosis technology. In this technology, the water is forced with a high pressure across a membrane so that the impurities are filtered behind. If saying technically, then the impurities are more concentrated on the other side of the membrane. Only pure water passes the membrane, even the dissolved impurities are removed which cannot be done with conventional filtering techniques.

Ozonation Process    

A most important part of chemical free water purification involves the ozonation process. This process involves oxygen to make sure that there is no microbiological contamination remains in the water, in other words it removes any possibility of having any contamination in the water.

The process involves basic oxygen (O2) and passes it through a chamber which is exposed to very high voltage current. Here oxygen molecules split and recombine into a new molecule of Ozone (O3). This originated ozone is then continuously circulated into the water.

There are several technologies used for water purification and some of them are described above. We at Purodrops provide water purification solutions for valued customers. Our purifier is all in one solution as it involves all major technologies in one machine.